Regresar a todos los Eventos - Chapter 5 / Data visualization and market research

  • Zupwork Cuatro Bocas Manuel montt 983 Santiago Chile (mapa)

This new chapter of it will be about data visualization and market research. To cover those topics we will have two amazing speakers who are showing us their experience using Python to resolve real problematics.

# First Talk #

- Speaker: Camilo Rojas Milla

- Bio: Camilo is an Electrical Engineer, and also a researcher at the Faculty of Psychics and Mathematics Science at the University of Chile. Camilo also works as a Data Scientist at Mapoteca.

- Title: "Visualizing GeoMetric Data Using"

- Description: visualizing large amounts of geometric data is a challenging task in terms of the computational resources needed. The mainstream libraries to resolve this problem has become complex to operate in a programmatic point of view, such as OpenGL or WebGL. In this context PyVista arises as an open-source alternative, mixing python-matplotlib and VTK. On this talk, we will explore some advantages of using PyVista, particularly to visualize point clouds, surface triangulation and tetrahedra.

# Second Talk #

- Speaker: Sean Park and Guillermo Fernández

- Bio:
- Sean is Co-Founder and Head of Marketing at GroupRaise. He enjoys running on a beautiful sunny day. Sean raises for organizations that support single mothers and overseas adoptees.
- Guillermo Fernández: Lead Gen & Data Consultant en

- Title: "How far are people willing to travel to eat at a restaurant?"

- Description: We are calculating user data at GroupRaise to compute the maximum distance people travel to eat at restaurants in the USA using Python. This data is used now in both sales and marketing, which is also automated by the power of Python.

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